Pascom Client v44 BETA Version

Beta for v44 (44.D54)

German Overview

Der Beta-Channel enthält eine neue Version. Details zu den Updaten Channels gibt es auch hier.

Diese Version enthält hauptsächlich Bugfixes, u. a.:

  • Plantronics Headset Bibliothek auf die neueste Version aktualisiert
  • Die iOS-App empfängt nun zuverlässiger Anrufe via Push
  • Der GSM-Schalter behält seinen Zustand nun zuverlässig

English Overview

The Beta channel contains a new version. Further information about update channels can be found here.

This version contains mostly bugfixes, e. g.:

  • Updated Plantronics Headset Library to the latest version
  • The iOS-App now gets calls via push more reliable
  • The GSM-Switch now keeps it’s state reliably


  • [CL-10] - Adapt tooltip in client to current state
  • [CL-15] - Do not acknowledge chat message if received in settings menu
  • [CL-27] - Message counter broken with pascom client and LTS
  • [CL-35] - Can’t close permanent group chat in macOS client
  • [CL-53] - Update plantronics spokes sdk in client to the latest version
  • [CL-62] - Pickup waiting callers via ‘Calls Waiting’ list
  • [CL-64] - Do not allow Update Channel Switching if user has no permission to update client
  • [CL-65] - Duplicate error message if voip is disabled on the proxy
  • [CL-71] - pascom Client tel callto and sip uri handlers don’t work if the numbers have spaces
  • [CL-92] - Audio doesn’t work on windows 10 after upgrade 1803
  • [CL-95] - iOS App still misses some calls
  • [CL-97] - Contact list / roster filter is not correctly restored on startup
  • [CL-168] - Show Team Call names in iOS Client and improve name generation
  • [CL-236] - Mobile application displays “Login failed” screen, but logs in sucessfully
  • [CL-238] - GSM Switch is still unreliable and activates itself
  • [CL-240] - Sort trunk dropdown in client
  • [CL-255] - Make settings scrollable on whole width
  • [CL-259] - Android client crashes very often with “Illegal State Exception”
  • [CL-283] - Android has incorrect version name