Videoconferencing and WebRTC

Is there a limitation to the amount of internal and external participants that can join a videoconference in de desktop or smartphone app?
And what is the maximum of participants that are visible on screen at the same time?

Yes, the default limit is six. You may increase it by editing the system parameter:

Paste this in the search box on the upper right. After changing it restart the XMPP server.

Does this also mean you will get more participants visible on the screen?

I don’t know … perhaps some one else can jump in with an answer …

Hi @EdwinD,

the system setting mentioned by @mahescho is the maximum amount of allowed concurrent video streams in one group call. The default value is 6. This means, that e. g. 5 people can join the conference and start video streaming, and one participant additionally can share the computer screen.

More participants can join and see the ongoing video streams, but can’t start additional video streams.


Ok, Tnx for the quick responces and answers @mahescho, @jlore