Upgrade to 7.17.05 R failed - md-client timeout


I tried twice to update to last version and it always finish with a TIMEOUT error with md-client

2018/03/13 14:14:55 [main] [INFO]: Get:1 https://my.pascom.net/29f488e58e000d8154dce0381c620d28350a57a6/ mobydick/community md-client all 7.17.05.R [454 MB]

For all others packets it finished successfully.

What would be great is that if one or more packet-s failed to upgrade that the process continue and install the packets which were corrected downloaded. Huge of bandwidth would be saved …


I tried a third time in the evening to avoid the case of an overload of pascom servers but no, same problem: md-client timed out, no problem with other packages.

[SOLVED] After a fourth try which failed too, I solved the problem by using aptitude safe-upgrade in a console.