Troubleshooting SIP Door Connection on Pascom Cloud

I have been trying to set up a connection between Pascom Cloud and the Hager LBM-300 IP Door Module according to instructions for Pascom’s Generic Doorbell (and some other methods later when this one wasn’t successful).

I’m not succeeding in my task and I’m unable to see why. Is there any Pascom Cloud equivalent to the server CLI interface that I could use to try and troubleshoot my issues? Without it, I think I’m unable to determine whether the fault lies in the door configuration & it doesn’t reach Pascom at all, or if it manages to reach Pascom but something stops it afterwards…

I’d appreciate any pointers.
Thank you.

Hello @bpo ,

good hint, in the newer webUI the symol changed and moved, it’s the right one from this picture:

I will forward it to our documentation team for an update, thank you.

Despite some TLS issues some devices can not handle the proxy configuration right Generic SIP Endpoints

Hope this helps, greetings Steve

Hi @Steve,
Thanks for the reply. Looks like the symbol is not there on our ends:

Also confirmed this with an another admin. Are there any settings that could be affecting its visibility that we are missing?

Does the logged in user have administrative WebUI rights?

Kann die Hager LBM-300 IP überhaupt TLS, sRTP und proxy sever ;)?

Looks like the role was an issue - we were trying it as an administrator rather than a system administrator. Phew! Fingers crossed CLI can tell us more about what we’re missing. Thanks!