Transfert announced call from snom deskphone with pascom uuc client


I don’t know if this is possible with pascom.
Can I use the pascom ucc as a remote control for my snom phone?

We like to do this:

  • user picked up incomming call with the deskphone snow d735
  • I want to tansfert the picked up call with the software by calling the desired phone
  • the called phone is going over
  • when picked ringing destination we can announced the call and transfer or picked it back

Now the call is cancelled.

Anyone a solution?


Transfer, Pickup and Call forwarding incl. Video.

If you select your SNOM as preferred device in the pascom Client settings everything is done on the SNOM instead of the softphone.



I set my snom as preferd device but it is still not working.

These are my stepd:

  • calling public number that is routed to extention 102
  • I see incomming call at my software (ext 102)
  • I pick the call with the snom phone => conenction ok
  • I go to the software and call ext 101, ext 102 should go in hold?
  • I pickup 101 but can not talk
  • put down headset at ext 102 and connection is lost

Hi @rniesen,

it appears you are trying to perform an attended transfer and from your description, yes the ext 102 should automatically go on hold as demonstrated here:

Please make sure you are using the correct control elements, because from your description the actual transfer step is missing, hanging up will simply disconnect the active and held calls.

If you perform the attended transfer on the Snom, you will need to place the caller on hold, call ext 101, speak to them and then hang up.

If you continue to have audio issues in the client, please send me more information about the setup in terms of devices plus the debug information per PM, so we can take a look at it.

Kind Regards