Support HTTP Proxy in pascom Server (MD-11362)


Currently, it’s not possible to use a non-transparent http proxy together with the pascom Server and Clients.

pascom Server

It should be possible to configure a http proxy during host setup, and also to change / configure these proxy settings via the management ui. It should be possible to pair a pascom server with a subscription during installation process when using a HTTP proxy. Also during normal operations, all access to external HTTP resources (e. g. should happen via that proxy.

pascom Client

see Support HTTP Proxy in pascom Client (CL-94)

i totally agree, especially the pascom client should support proxy options as written to be able to operate in enterprise networks.

Unfortunately, from my point of view, this is also a hard exclusion criterion for the entire product for well-protected network environments, not only the use behind proxy’s, but also the installation and configuration in such secure environments is becoming increasingly necessary.

This Feature is sustential for some Environments. Also it get more and more important to use Proxy for thread defense.

I split this feature voting into the server part (this topic) and the client part
We will focus on the proxy integration for the client first.

Due to the future focus on, this feature will not be implemented.