Support a "split mode" for the client, run UI and Audio / Video input and output on different machines (CL-1690)


As a user who mainly working inside an RDP session, it would be nice to use my locally connected headset and webcam without routing them through the RDP session to the client running on a Terminal Server. Instead, there are two client instances running, one inside of the RDP session, and one on the local machine.

This approach would bring several benefits:

  • Better Quality, as there is less latency and dropouts as if audio and/or video is routed via RDP
  • Possibility to use the Headset integration and accept calls using hardware buttons on a supported headset
  • At the same time, use other integrations into software running inside the RDP session (e. g. Outlook, Datev).

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We need this too. It would be nice if the mobile client could also be remote controlled via rdp-session. So you don’t even have to run a desktop client session of pascom…

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This would be great in Datev-Environments. I wish we could use the Client inside the RDP Session to remote control the local Softphone or the mobile client, maybe selected as workplace (“Arbeitsplatz”).

If you integrate XMPP via Socks Proxy it may be possible to sell pascom to Datev ASP users.

The option to use the softphone as workplace would be very useful in thin-client environments. The users wouldn’t be forced to type in Credentials (which change occasionally) on a system where you don’t have the full Windows- or Linux-UI.

A new “RDP Mode” is available in the pascom Client v67 Beta, which solves at least some of the Problems mentioned here.

The feature is now generally availabe with pascom Client v67.