Stupid VLAN question (and a couple other, maybe not stupid questions)

I feel stupid asking this but I mainly want clarification!
When using VOICE vlan and DHCP on that VLAN, I need to create a physical interface that reflects the IP range for that VLAN on the server, correct? I was sitting here thinking, how are the phones going to know to talk to that VLAN and get IP address from my server… I came to the conclusion, they won’t! So, Do I not use VLAN for the phones, and just have them assigned via our main DHCP server on our main VLAN? Or configure one of my available network ports to act as a point of contact for the phones, when they request network connectivity on VoiceVLAN?

So, I just wanted to clarify. Like I said, stupid question. It’s friday and I think I’m catching someone’s cold, so my brain isn’t all there! Forgive me! So it’s sort of a thinking out loud and wanting confirmation!

while thinking about this post I thought of a couple of other sorta stupid questions (maybe not stupid)

  1. The scripts listed on the server (that I did not put there) can those be deleted or is MobyDick reliant on them? I have added a few of my own, trying to replicate some of the functionality of our current system (in some way). But I was just looking at the default and such scripts already on the server and wondered about them. Could they be altered to fit our needs? (that one is probably a stupid question).

  2. Gateway question: we use a gateway/trunk that’s through an outside vendor… I added that information to the trunk list. But I am not sure how to deal with the gateway configuration with this sort of arrangement. Unless there is something I am missing with our current phone system (never know!), that sort of cloud gateway is only bit we have… ( I will do a bit more digging just to be sure, but I have not come across any gateway appliance or such for our current phone system.

Sorry for the randomness… And thank you for your assistance!

To sort of clarify my question on the VLAN: In the cluster mode you have the Node Telephony network IP. This is my management IP and on my Management VLAN. IS this the Address that the phones would use to talk to the server? If so, then wouldn’t a separate Voice VLAN be unusable in this instance? I did create a vlan interface for the Voice VLAN on the server, with DHCP set up to handle the phone IP management. If i setup one of the other NIC interfaces with IP address for Voice VLAN IP address, would that solve my issue? That makes sense to me, but I wasn’t sure how MobyDick would be affected by this sort of configuration.