SQL Error

I came across this error logging onto the web interface of the slave earlier. I was just trying to bring up what happens when you try to access the slave while in cluster form. Usually I get a login window, then login… then it says, Go here instead! (back to the cluster IP address). I was trying to show my boss what access would look like if we lost the master access (mainly via NIc failure… I already have a ticket in for that). Anyways, I got this SQL error and thought I would share with everyone, in case it happens to you. I am not sure what the error means. IF this is an OS failure, let me know what I can do to adjust/fix it. If this error is something else, and I don’t need to worry about it, so be it! Just let me know :slight_smile:


this SQL Error is caused because the Database is in Read-only-replication mode, as it should be on the slave - so any login attempts here don’t work, but also cause no harm.

Usually you should see some “locked” page, explaining you to use the Shared-IP to login to the cluster.

Also, after a Failover, the Slave-Database becomes Read-Write and you can log in normally.

Hope that explains it for you?


The locked page was what I was expecting, and what I usually see. So I was trying to show that to my superior but I got the SQL error instead. I thought I would post about the error as it was the first time I had seen it and I wasn’t sure what to make of it.