SNOM 300 not working?

Good afternoon.

I am finally at testing stage of my setup. My SNOM 715 are being registered and configured just fine by Mobydick. But my SNOM300 will register but not actually usable. The 300 shows as inactive in the device list. The phone registers user, but I am unable to actually make a call (calling another extension).

I am able to control the 300 from the device list, as I was able to run the firmware update and reboot the phone. I know the network is not the issue, as I can control the phone. The second 715 test phone boots up and register and I can dial the other 715.

Is this a phone issue or a Mobydick issue? Definitely not network issue.

I have tried the “factory setting” on the 300. That seems to resolve my “inactive” issue.