Script errors in logs?

I keep getting the following errors in my logs:

2016-12-01 09:55:56 successful!
luac: /TARGET/SHARE/var/www/mobydickcmd//tmp/mdc_extensions.lua:14: ‘)’ expected near ‘=’
2016-12-01 09:55:57 tsk050202: Validation of file [mdc_extensions.lua] failed
luac: /TARGET/SHARE/var/www/mobydickcmd//tmp/tmp_script-38.lua:11: ‘)’ expected near ‘=’
2016-12-01 09:55:57 Validation of file [tmp_script-38.lua] failed
2016-12-01 09:55:57 Child-Task 050202 wurde mit ] beendet

Why am I getting this? I have determined that tmp_script38.lua is lua script I was playing with for support pin. But I don’t know what in the mdc_extensions.lua has caused this. I have not made changes and I cannot see anything in the code that would give the error. I have not made any changes to that (not inadvertently).

This is probably nothing at the moment, but i keep seeing the same two scripts in the logs. Just wanted some insight! My play lua script isn’t actually functional. So I am not sure if that’s why it’s giving errors in the logs.


mdc_extensions.lua is a combination of all of your scripts. We do two passes of syntax checking: a) for each individual script, b) for the combined mdc_extensions.lua.
If a) fails we should suppress the other check as it is obvious that it will also fail, i will note this in our issue tracker.

Browse to http://your-mobydick/mobydickcmd/index.php?u_trc=090307&u_id=38 to edit your script. Something around line 11 seems to be wrong.