Repository Questions

Good Morning!

I am creating another test machine to test some procedures to later apply to my live/licensed server. I am trying to run apt-get update but I get ignore and basically failed to update type messages. I check /etc/apt/source.list and I have deb file:/BACKUP/packages appliance current Shouldn’t that be pointing to a repository location rather than a local file? Where as my main test server and my live servers both have deb mobydick community (that is my main test server). I don’t have issue with those two servers. So i am just trying to recreate the machine, if I have to rebuild in a panic, I can ensure that everything will work smoothly. But I am encountering the lack of being able to update and grab the packages I need. There is no directory /BACKUP/packages; that makes this an invalid pathway/connection for updates/repository.

This does relate to my scripting: as I am trying to make sure I can rebuild my python and AGI libraries in case of an emergency. But I am having issues with rebuilding with the source.list and access to what I need to ensure my python scripts will work. I have done a test on my main test server, but this isn’t a rebuild situation. my commands seem to work there, regarding access, but not on a rebuilt server on a VM. Is there a recommendation for changing the source.list to ensure updates and what not for my little mini-rebuild test server.

Thanks for your input.