Recording storage


Is there a way to direct recording storage to another drive? I have two RAID1 set up. So /dev/sda is the OS and configuration setup drives. But I’d like to point call recordings to /dev/sdb. But I can’t see anything within the web interface setup.

Any ideas how I can point call recordings to that drive?

Hello Inxjenn,

I think the setup you’re trying to do is unfortunately not supported by a mobydick installation (having two harddrives in the server for the pbx).

However, other customers which are facing this problem use a custom post-processing bash script to move the recordings to some SMB or NFS share.

Best Regards,

I was leaning towards that option (Scripting something) if there wasn’t a way to do move it via Mobydick. Where will the recordings be saved on the system? I haven’t tested recording yet, but just to have an idea of where to start when scripting file transfers. I’d like to so something similar with backups. Eventually I will also have a backup server to have backups sent to. But general recording and backup storage I’d like on those other drives, due to the fact they are so much larger.