Problems with Jabra headset on v17.0

Hi there!

We are using the new version 17 and sometimes, just when somebody calls, the output runs through the system default audio and not to the selected one in the Settings. Meaning everybody in the offce hears the caller not just me.

Furthermore, umlauts are not displayed correctly but shows a questionmark inside a diamond shape instead.

We are using Jabra headsets.



thank you for your feedback!

About Jabra: Is this happening often, or is there some pattern when this happens?

About Umlauts:

  • I guess you’re talking about chat?
  • Which operating system (and version) are you using?
  • Can you provide a screenshot of the problem?


Hi @SirRichard,

we tested the Jabra Headsets a lot for 17. So additionally to @jlorenz questions I would be interested in the exact model you are using (+OS).


Sorry, didnt get an email for @jlorenz reply!

The umlauts are wrong in the settings where you set your mic, speakers and alarm devices:


We are on Win10 (latest) and we are using Jabra Model: WHB003BS.

The pattern seems to be that if somebody calls (incoming call) that the speaker is used for output and not the set headset.

Actually it happend 2-3 times one day. We tried again, it seemed to work today. We will keep you posted.

Hi @SirRichard,

I filed a bug for your problem, see the linked topic.


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