Pascom Client 17.08 BETA version available

A new BETA Version is available: 17.08.D199


Important Features

:warning: Due to a quick release of 17.07 because of a critical problem (Release Notes), all the Changes from 17.07 BETA are now part of 17.08 BETA.

:warning: The client now supports DATEV-Integration as with our older classic Clients. See our documentation (German only) for further reference.

:warning: The client can now control and playback call recordings (Monitoring Feature, documentation DE and EN).

:warning: The smart offhook global hotkey has now been split into two, like requested here.

:warning: Windows user probably need to re-select preferred audio device due to the fix MD-10243, which displays devices names with more than 32 characters correctly

All Changes

  • [MD-8953] - Umlauts/special chars in mails were not correctly converted to fax
  • [MD-9283] - Possible high-load due to client redirect implementation
  • [MD-9503] - SRTP in classic pbx causes problem with QT client/softphone
  • [MD-9814] - client crashes due to an early delete within System Tray Menu
  • [MD-9983] - Switching between call details broken in client
  • [MD-10177] - GSM Fallback switch should not be visible if paired without mobile number
  • [MD-10192] - RTPEngine throws srtp warnings when our client phones
  • [MD-10204] - Make dropdowns great again
  • [MD-10208] - Emoticon parser fails on consecutive emoticons in client
  • [MD-10218] - Deactivate landscape format for iOS
  • [MD-10221] - Hide line in client if only one device is assigned
  • [MD-10224] - Fix notification font colors
  • [MD-10226] - Start group chat button is too small on mobile devices
  • [MD-10228] - DTMF pad usability is very bad in client
  • [MD-10243] - Audio device names are truncated on Windows
  • [MD-10258] - Cursor does not change to text input cursor if a TextInput is hovered in client
  • [MD-10260] - Missing hover animation for Phone-Icon in Contact list
  • [MD-10261] - Hover animation for Main Menu Buttons
  • [MD-10275] - iOS App shows “Unknown” instead of Number on incoming call if no name is available
  • [MD-10278] - Show to-be-dialed phone number also in phonebook list row
  • [MD-10280] - Underlined button has no underline anymore
  • [MD-10283] - Do not show “pair” button in client if server version is lower than 17
  • [MD-10310] - Phone number is not correctly registered in iOS CallKit
  • [MD-7163] - Ignore very short voicemail calls
  • [MD-9353] - Implement monitoring in pascom Client
  • [MD-9450] - Improve search ui
  • [MD-9468] - Implement datev integration
  • [MD-9535] - Add --help commandline option in Desktop Client
  • [MD-9691] - Show ‘open download dir’ button in file transfer notification
  • [MD-9853] - Use regular expressions for inbound rules instead of asterisk patterns
  • [MD-10034] - Fix number determination for incoming trunk calls
  • [MD-10049] - Show the current calling party in the pascom client roster
  • [MD-10139] - Split “Smart Offhook” hotkey in desktop Client into two hotkeys
  • [MD-10140] - Automatically cut off too long texts in client UI
  • [MD-10150] - “Close other” in clients conversationsTabs
  • [MD-10183] - Missing audio if you call an iOS device from an android device
  • [MD-10279] - Make headings in settingsView bigger on mobile client

A new BETA Version is available: 17.08.D210


  • iOS: Optimized energy consumption if you receive a lot of phonecalls
  • Windows: --help option displays help text even if the client is already running
  • Smaller UI improvements

A new BETA Version is available: 17.08.D232


  • iOS: Fixed a problem where the app consumed 100% CPU after unlocking the phone while in foreground
  • iOS / Android: Recordings are now played on the ear speaker, not the handsfree speaker
  • Improved CallerID Update if contacts are selected for numbers with duplicate entries in DATEV.
  • Improved DTMF Pad usability
  • Translations for new features should be finished now