Pascom 15 Release - Microsoft Exchange Integration

pascom 15 Release
Microsoft Exchange Integration

Import notice regarding this update:

pascom 15.00 is the official Current Version. mobydick 7.12 will remain as a stable version. mobydick 7.14 will no longer be supported.

New versioning scheme: XX.YY - XX is the main version, YY referes to bug fix versions.

New brand name: pascom replaces mobydick as product name.

Microsoft Exchange Connector

The pascom Microsoft Exchange Connector provides you with the option for synchronising public, personal and shared Exchange Address Books with your pascom PBX server based Telephone Books.

Additional Modifications

Desktop client is now available in Italian.

Improved language localisations.

Increased reliability of the DATEV master data cache sync.

For further information regarding the pascom Exchange Connector and additional pascom 15 release highlights, please refer to our Release Notes.