No audio on outgoing calls with softphone / desktop client

Hello Pascom Staff,
we have the following problem with client versions 17.02 and 17.03 beta:

If a call is incoming to client, i can hear audio in both directions, if the softphone is starting a outgoing call, no one hears audio.

Same behavior for internal and external calls. Reproduced under Windows 7, 10 and MacOS.

Hi @SvenS

I would say this is a typical network/firewall issue and has nothing to do with the topic described above. How does your network setup look like?


Hi @Mathias

I doubt, that it’s a firewall issue, because this behavior is happening also in LAN.

Our Pascom instance, all yealink telephones and the mentioned various softphones are situated in the same local network.
We are having this audio problem only on outgoing (even internal) calls with the softphone clients (to any hard- or software device).
Incoming calls to softphones (from any device) are working (all in LAN).
Incoming or outgoing calls with yealink phones are working properly.

Is there anything we can investigate or test?


With the mobydick softphone (Classic client), all audio is working as expected, but when i use the new Pascom Client on the same device, the issues still persist as described above.

Any clues?