New Community Version from MD 7.08 onwards

Dear Community Members,

Over 4 years ago, we launched the MobyDick Community version so that you, our members, could trial MobyDick without any time restrictions and free of charge.

Ever since its launch, MobyDick has grown considerably. However, this has meant that an increasing number of new features were not available within the community version. This has now changed. As of now, every MobyDick feature will be available for testing (see table).

With the 7.08.00 Release, you will also now be able to connect as many end user devices as you wish. Which is considerably helpful when testing. This does mean however, to keep the MobyDick Community version as a test version, we have limited the number of users to 3.

[TABLE=“width: 550, align: center”]

Community Version
up to 7.07
Community Version
from 7.08


End User Devices

Desktop Clients

MobyDick Softphone

MobyDick Cluster (klären)


Call Center Agents

Address Books incl. LDAP

QueueMetrics Connector


**What does this mean for existing MobyDick Community installations? **

Should you update to 7.08, your licence will be accordingly modified. If you have set up more than 3 users, you will need to delete these users after updating. However, we have not placed any limitations on the continued use of your currently installed MobyDick.

If you have any questions regarding the new Community Version, then please post them here.