Need help in PBX dialcode setup


First of all, thanks for the quick assistance so far we got from pascom staff and other users!

We managed to get the Zoho CRM work (at least it’s signing in to asterisk), but now we’re a little confused.

In order to make “one click call” work through Asterisk, we have to setup the CRM correctly.
But at this point, we’re unsure what values we should give, as we yet never come across these on the gui of the mobydick.

How can we set the dial code? What is the format we should use? Our country’s phone dial code is “+36” but unsure in what format we should use it, and where to set in Pascom.

Also, our Grandstream GPX1625 endpoint has successfully auto-provisioned itself. We added it to a user, and the phone successfully configurated itself, we can make and receive calls.
The problem is, that it constantly reboots after its getting its IP and connecting back to the SIP server. What gives?

Any help would be much appreciated!

There is an issue within 18.09, got fixed in 18.10. Please see release notes.

Release 18.10 (05.08.2019)
MD-11525 - Grandstream GXP16XX reboots after short time


We’ll cerainly try that out.
Thank you!