Mobydick Mobility Client


Can someone help me with step by step configuration of mobydick client for mobile phone.

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Please try to follow our documentation []( If you have any problem or doubts, just ask.

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I don’t know what i

I don’t know what I am doing wrong


My guess is that you are using wrong number format for Mobile hub. Can you post screen shot of defined inbound rules for this trunk? Did you check format of the number in asterisk CLI?

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No I did not check for the format.

I cant find ipcomms on asterisk CLI.

I have this these trunks:

Can I use i number form skype?

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Please try to remove two leading zeros from destination number of your mobile hub (49…). Mobile hub number should be the same number in International format (+49…). Take a look in inbound rules for Ipcomm trunk and mobile how row should look like source * | destination 49…99 | *60


Hi Stefan,

I removed two zeros, but now calls are comming through my personal mobile number, not through mobydick client.

What number should I put here:

0038649350411 is my personal phone number

Also when I try tu call a user I cant call through mobydick client


mobydick mobility client is not SIP client. I described how it works in one of the previous posts. It uses Cellular network for communication.

Mobility hub should have one free extension from your available range.

Your mobile has number 0049167112233 and your trunk has range 004933332211. You should create Integrated mobile phone with international number 0049167112233 and mobile hub with number 004933332211. You need to create rule for the trunk and it should look like *|4933332211|*60

So if you want to dial from your mobility client number 004988332244, you need to enter number and click on dial. Mobile app will prepare the dial and show the popup dialog to dial mobile hub number. When you reach mobydick server it will forward you to the dialled number.

If you are using Android device, you can install some SIP client and place the call throw this app

You can contact our support team if you still have problems with setup

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