Mobydick client problem


Can you tell me what can cause this:

This occasionally happens to users. In this case user: Finesa Berisha has mobydick client active but can’t receive calls.

Thank you.

Hello kushtrim,

I think you misunderstood the concept a little.

Finesa Berisha is online in the client, but she has currently no reachable phone. That means you can chat to her, but not phone her.

This can happen in the following circumstances:

  • The user has no phone at all assigned
  • The mobydick softphone is not started (maybe the used computer has no audio devices?)
  • The mobydick softphone can’t connect to the mobydick server. To receive calls, one needs a SIP connection from the client to the mobydick server. So if you are connecting from outside the office, a firewall or something similar can prevent you from connecting. Best idea in this scenario is to use a vpn.

Jan Lorenz