Mobydick 7.10 Release - mobydick Connector, UCS Integration, New Phonebook & more

mobydick 7.10 Release - mobydick Connector, UCS Integration, New Phonebook & more

mobydick 7.10 Release - mobydick Connector, UCS Integration, New Phonebook & more

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New mobydick Connector
So far in 2015, we have significantly expanded mobydick’s compatibility with other solutions. Therefore, it is hardly a surprise that with mobydick 7.10 we have developed a brand new mobydick connector to compliment the SIP provider database we released with the 7.09, thus greatly enhancing and facilitating integration with 3rd party solutions.

The mobydick Connector is designed to import and synchronise external data sources, including CSV files, LDAP Sources and other mobydick systems. This means that mobydick is able to import and update a range of data sets from phone books to users, locations and speed dials.

Avoid unnecessary data sets and save yourself time and money thanks to the mobydick Connector’s automated synchronisation process, simply, quickly and efficiently.

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) Integration
Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is an innovative platform to efficiently operate and manage server applications and complete IT infrastructures. Thanks to its flexible Identity Management component, you can centrally and securely add and manage your users.

With the mobydick 7.10 release, mobydick now incorporates the UCS Connector, with which you can quickly and simply import your core user data via LDAP and then authenticate your mobydick users via the external IdM tool in UCS.

Of course, the option of mass user imports via CSV files and configuring passwords internally within mobydick is still available. With the UCS Connector, we offer another more advanced user synchronisation option.
New mobydick Telephone Book
We heard you when you said your wanted a new and improved phonebook. That of course means the mobydick telephone book has been completely revamped and now offers you the ability to include not only company contacts but also user personal via the private phone book. What’s more, both phone books are can now be displayed as contact lists using their corresponding menu tab. Moreover, via their menu tabs both phone books can be completely managed directly from within the mobydick client, providing users with the ability to add contacts during a call, from search results or from their call histories.

As the new display provides a complete overview of all your contacts, you can either simply scroll through the list or by using the Quick Alphabet function, narrow your search to more efficiently find your desired contact.

As a phone book administrator, you will also now be able to manage, update and / or delete company wide phone books directly from within the client.

Encryption and Codec Management
Under the newly added Telephony tab in the Web UI, you will now be able to add and modify system wide telephony settings. Of particular interest is SRTP management for supported devices, which use standard codecs or allow IAX and AMI connections.
snom M700 DECT IP Base Station Integration
The snom M700 base station enables the operation of both single and multi cell configurations and is therefore ideally suited for companies that require coverage across multiple floors or in larger office buildings…

With mobydick 7.10 you can now automatically provision the M700 DECT System and M65 Handsets, making their integration with mobydick as easy as possible, particularly in multi-cell systems. The DECT sender will now be automatically identified and will receive all the required settings from mobydick.

Further Modifications Änderungen**

md-cmd 7.10.00

  • Icinga SIP check now takes into account the configured Asterisk Bind Addresses.
  • Number pools for extensions have been implemented.
  • If a new user or queue (among others) be added, an extension will be automatically suggested.
  • Connector-Imports can now be carried out without extension numbers as the extension will be automatically added from the number pool
  • The Excel Importer can now also added mobydick softphones as well.
  • A random PIN will be generate for new users.
  • Autoprovisioning Support for snom M700 Multicell DECT System and Handsets
  • Should a doubled column name be encountered when importing via the CSV connector profile, these will now be number instead of being discarded.
  • The LDAP Server is now much more efficiently integrated and has direct access to telephone book database data, e.g. a applying a telephone book is no longer necessary. *]New processing list for telephone books within the Web UI, which can handle a higher number of entries (>100,000).
  • mobydick users and administrators can now be either internally or externally authenticated via LDAP. Only the system admin must remain local.
  • Linux root and admin accounts will now be matched using the Web UI admin password. A corresponding notification will appear in the web UI (admin account only).
  • Icinga now also checks the availability of external authentication servers. A notification message will appear directly in the login screen should a there be a problem.
  • The web UI is now available via HTTPS. By unsecured access, a warning will appear along with a link to the login screen.

md-xmppd 2.07.00

  • External authentication has been integrated.

md-xmppserver 2.09.00**

  • Modifications to a new telephone book structure and new LDAP setup.
  • Start process of the XMPP Server has been improved.

md-client 3.05.00

  • Linux Client has been revamped. Now contains a suitable Java Runtime and the modydick Softphone.
  • New Flexpanel Widget: shows information regarding the currently logged client users.
  • New Flexpanel Widget: shows Roster Groups.
  • The Softphone now automatically uses SRTP if it is activated within mobydick.

md-snom-data 3.06.00**

  • Integrated M700 Firmware

md-tapi 2.02.00

  • Pickup Support.
  • Setup can now be installed as either Productive or Debug version.

md-updater 1.10.00

  • Implemented Offline Update.

ex-mobydick 2.09.00

  • dhcpdump tool integrated.

Complete Release notes can be found in our wiki documentation: