MobyDick 7.08 - Out of the Box Telephony, Integrated Softphone, New Licensing

MobyDick 7.08 - Out of the Box Telephony with the MobyDick Softphone

MobyDick Softphone, New Licensing Model - Now Full Featured

NEW MobyDick Client - incl. Softphone
With today’s 7.08 Release, the MobyDick client now contains a fully integrated softphone to supplement your Office Phone. Whether your are home or in a hotel, MobyDick is right there with you, letting you make calls on the go. All you need is WLAN and a USB headset of your choice. That of course also means that the new MobyDick client is now a real alternative to traditional telephones. For example, when setting up new workspaces, you can now avoid those expensive hardware costs as MobyDick now gives you Out of the Box Telephony.

Say goodbye to the old licence model

Available immediately, we now offer a completely transparent and easy to understand licensing model. That means, we are saying goodbye to our old, complicated, difficult to explain model, where one had to licence not only users, but also every single end devices and add-on module etc. Moreover, you now have the option of either buying your MobyDick licences in a one off payment or spreading the costs through our monthly subscription licence (only available for new systems).

MobyDick Subscription Licences
€6 or $7.49
pro User per Month

*=left] Incl. all MobyDick Features
*=left] Incl. all Software Updates
*=left] NO cost of acquistion
*=left] Minimum term of 12 months, terminable thereafter at any time

MobyDick Purchase Licence
€129 or $159
per User

*=left] Incl. all MobyDick Features
*=left] One off Purchase - no time limitations applied
*=left] Incl. one year Software Maintenance - €17/$21 per user per year thereafter.
*=left] Software Maintenance is renewable yearly

All Inclusive from now
We would like to thank our customers for trusting us over the years. Therefore, with this update, every MobyDick System with valid Software Update Agreements or Maintenance contracts, will be given every MobyDick feature.

What that means for you: Softphones, End User Devices, Mobility App, Queues, plus much more are immediately available. So our gift to you is: please utilise every MobyDick option as you wish.

Further Modifications

ex-mobydick 2.07.00

  • Asterisk update to Version 11.6-cert6
  • Integrated Debian Squeeze LTS Patches, resolves the ShellShock vulnerability
  • ethtool is now contained within the Firmware
  • A Reset Backup no longer displays a “Backup Failed” task.

md-cmd 7.08.00

  • New Licensing Model.
  • New Rights System.
  • Removed the out of date “Personal Queues” feature.
  • Resolved the issue related to assigning telephones to workplaces using the advanced imported.
  • SIP based Call Forwarding will NO longer affect Queues
  • New Trunk Assistant for M-Net Accounts
  • Optimised behaviour of SIP based call forwarding for users with multiple devices
  • New “NAT Activated” Flag for SIP based devices
  • Removed the obsolete role type “xmpp.connect”. As of now all users and queues are automatically activated as XMPP
  • Integrated MobyDick Softphone
  • Separate time-outs per user/workspace devices can now be added for calls entering via a queue.
  • Only with New Installations: all users will automatically integrated in a XMPP Group and will have a softphone.

md-aastra 2.07.00

  • Resolved problems with Aastra DECT Download links
  • MobyDick Call History/journal is no available via end user device menus

md-client 3.03.00

  • Integrated MobyDick Softphone.
  • Fixed the problem with duplicated chat messages being displayed.
  • Search entry field now has a “delete” button.
  • Numerous optimisations with Layout and themes.

md-snom 3.07.00

  • MobyDick Call History/journal is no available via end user device menus
  • More efficient notifying of End User devices when changing a system based call forwarding protocol.

md-updater 1.08.00

  • Updates will now be loaded via https.
  • A manually configured apt-get proxy can now be used.

md-xmppserver 2.07.00

  • MobyDick Call History/journal has been completely reworked.
  • Resolved the problem with the sporadic error message “Hangup not successfull” within the client
  • Fixed the problem with duplicated chat messages being displayed.

md-yealink 2.06.00

  • MobyDick Call History/journal is no available via end user device menus.