MobyDick 7.07 Release - TAPI, Group Chat, Improved Cluster,

MobyDick 7.07 - TAPI, Group Chat, Improved Cluster plus much much more!

New MobyDick TAPI

With the 7.07 Release, we have provided a completely new MobyDick TAPI, which has rebuilt from the ground up. Above and beyond this, the new TAPI also boasts new capabilities, such as it now being Terminal Server compatible. Moreover, the TAPI is no longer linked to the telephone, but rather to the individual users, allowing for greater flexibility. The new TAPI system will now send a dial command to the MobyDick server, which then searches for the actual users’ phone number and then uses this number for the call.

Furthermore, the new TAPI driver supports all Windows Clients from Windows XP up to and including Windows 8 as well as supporting Windows Server versions.

MobyDick Client Group Chat

The Group Chat function has been one of the most frequently requested features for the MobyDick Client, and in true pascom fashion, we have listen to these requests and implemented the new client group chat feature. You can invite any number of contacts from you contact list to a group chat, allowing you have realtime communication with your colleagues.

Moreover, the new feature allows you to see who is actively participating within a chat as well as enabling you to immediately identify the presence status of all the chat members within the blink of an eye.

Changing Passwords and PINs within the MobyDick Client

As a user you can now change your Client password and telephone pin, without requiring the assistance of your IT admin.

What’s the advantage for you as an Administrator? Now you can roll out default passwords and PINs and the users can them setup their own personal passwords themselves, removing a great deal of hassle and increasing security.

Yealink T4 Series Integration and Improved Yealink Support

Design meets Usability with the new Yealink T4 Series and MobyDick.

With the 7.07 Release, we are now able to support all the models of the new Yealink T4 Series. This also means that the Yealink Provisioning process and XML menus have been completely reworked.

Further Modifications

ex-mobydick 2.06.00

  • Incorporates Asterisk 11.6-cert2
  • Reboot is now also possible with existing LVM Snapshots.
  • Boot-lock implemented, Web-UI and Updater are now accessible only after a complete reboot.
  • A restored backup task no longer displays a “Backup Failed” error

md-cmd 7.07.00

  • Icinga itself will be now bee monitored via cronjob.
  • Icinga now only raises an alarm should an update not be completely installed.
  • Icinga now also checks “hanging” jobs.
  • Optimised QoS/ToS configurations with Asterisk 11

md-client 3.02.00

  • Outlook integration has been greatly accelerated. Cache has been built in, which will be periodically actualised.
  • The Client again remembers the last used call forwarding target.
  • Einbindung und Reihenfolge der Adressbuchsuche ist nun komfortabler konfigurierbar.

md-aastra 2.06.00

  • XML Menüs vollständig überarbeitet.

md-snom 3.06.00

  • XML Menüs vollständig überarbeitet.

md-updater 1.07.00

  • Updater ist jetzt während des Bootvorgangs gesperrt.
  • Updater prüft nun vor einem Update grob den freien Festplattenplatz und zeigt ggf. eine Warnung an.