MobyDick 7.06 - MobyDick CTI Desktop Client, FlexPanel Framework, Asterisk 11 Impleme

MobyDick 7.06 - MobyDick CTI Desktop Client, FlexPanel Framework, Asterisk 11 Implementation, Call Recording System

MobyDick 7.06 - MobyDick 7.06 - MobyDick CTI Desktop Client, FlexPanel Framework, Asterisk 11 Implementation, Call Recording System
and much much more!

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**The New MobyDick CTI Client **
The underlying basis of the new MobyDick CTI Desktop Client has been completely overhauled and is now based on JavaFX Technology, which has not only made the new Client look great, but has also greatly improved functionality and increased user friendliness as well.

New Features which have been integrated include::

  • Toggle between a number of different views
  • Voicemails and Recordings Management
  • Control your own Queues/Teams directly from the Client
  • dmg & exe files already include a Java Packet
  • Setup of your own Groups

FlexPanel Framework
As the name suggests, the new MobyDick FlexPanel Framework is so flexible that it enables you to freely see your customer information as well as being designable to your specific requirements. Width, Height, Content Elements and Colour Schemes are just examples of what can be customised, in reality every variable can be freely defined. Furthermore, you can link all the predefined widgets together like building blocks, and of course you can also write and add any number of your own widgets that you may require.

Examples of Possible Uses:

  • Smart Attendant (Switchboard)
  • Monitoring Dashboard
  • Supervisor Console

Discover everything regarding the new MobyDick FlexPanel Framework.](

New Call Recording System
MobyDick 7.06 also has a completely new Call Recording System integrated. Within MobyDick numerous Settings can be adjusted, such as:

  • Who can make recordings
  • Call Direction
  • Call Origin Settings
  • Dispatch Mode

In combination with the new MobyDick Client, call recordings can be started directly from within the Client. Moreover, you will be able to see, whether your conversation is being recorded (functions only for internal calls).

Further Modifications

ex-mobydick 2.05.00

  • Resolved problems of Filesystem Leak in the Tmpfs/Ramdisk with systems with higher loads
  • Asterisk LTS 11.6-cert1 incorporated
  • Installation now requires ca. 800MB less disk space
  • Hard Disks larger with capacities larger than 1TB will now be partitioned correctly

md-cmd 7.06.01

  • Management UI for the FlexPanel has been implemented
  • In the Service Configurations, you can now enter separate e-mail addresses for senders and receivers of system e-mails
  • System Extension for " the logging in/out of an Agent into/out of all Queues"
  • Many parameters of the XMPP Servers can now be maintained according to need within the MobyDick Web-UI
  • Music On Hold can now be configured to the mode “random”
  • Inconsistencies with Roaming resolved

md-xmppserver 2.05.00

  • Updated to Asterisk 11 and Openfire Version 3.8.2
  • Voicemail box support improved
  • The names of the Telephone numbers which are dissipated on the client will now be saved in the Journal
  • 3 Step Telephone book searching through MobyDick Telephone Book, MobyDick Journal and through any address books connected to the client
  • New Client Update system

The full Release Notes can be found under: