Linksys Phones and MWI Event

Hi Thomas,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. We’re very grateful to receive your support.

I have a random question concerning the MWI (Message Waiting Indication). We are also testing this solution with our Linksys phones. I’ve made a few features to work on these phones, but I can’t get the MWI working on these.

I was wondering if you have ever tried to configure at least one of these phones with Mobydick. I know that these are not phones which fully work with Mobydick, but I think it is worth to give it a try as well.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Hey Carlos,

we didn’t try Linksys phones that’s true. We are, however, evaluating new Hardware Phones for future Versions. Can you please post the type of your Phone?
Our current solution pushes the MWI events only to supported Hardware Phones. Maybe we can modify it to also include generic phones in one of the next bugfix releases.



Hey Thomas,

We’re currently using Linksys IP Phone SPA942, Cisco Phones SPA 504G and Cisco Phones 7940/60. It would be great that, as you mentioned, the next bugfix includes more features for other type of IP Phones.

Thanks a lot in advance and you guys are doing a great job with this forum. Keep on that way :wink: