License Information


Could someone please give some info about Licenses.

We bought license for 12 users for now but I heard that there is a yearly fee which should be paid for maintenance according to number of users I guess or something ?

How is that figured , do we have to pay for all users even if we don’t use all of them or what else may I know ?

Thank you,

Hi Rekljavijk,

Thanks for posting.

Firstly, in answer to your question yes our licences are subject to an annual maintenance contract (updates, new features etc). As you purchased the user licences, it is not possible to scale down the number of users to which the maintenance fee is applied. With your licence, the maintenance fee is €17 per user per year.

Secondly, from you other posts it looks like the maintenance expired i.e. is no longer active. This resulted in the phone system being reverted to a community version (3 users) when it was updated - obviously updates are only available in conjunction with an active maintenance contract. Moreover, it also appears that the update channel (Current, Stable and LTS) has been changed and therefore you have a licence incompatibility issue.

An alternative would be to upgrade to a cloud phone system - all the same features but with an annual contract (including maintenance and support) and scalability in built to grow the system as best for your business.

To discuss your options in more detail please contact our sales team, who will then arrange a quick call with you.

We have paid for maintenance yesterday. I hope everything should be fine now ? We got the invoice from your sales team, paid that and waiting for the confirmation.

Hi Rekljavijk,

Ah okay, then all will be sorted very shortly if not already.

Not yet , but we are waiting.

BTW since we paid the yearly maintenance, we want to change the cloud server as well for technical reasons, can we just do that ? Install the ISO file in new cloud server and then put the license code and all is done ? Or should we need to change update channels or something ?

HI Rekljavijk,

when changing the server environment, the result will be that a new system ID is generated the licence you have will also be invalid.

Best course of action is to setup a community instance in your new environment and send us the new system ID either direct to me or to our sales team via our contact page. Regarding update channels, the community edition is the Current per default (unless otherwise downloaded) - so simply either choose the channel you wish to follow, download the corresponding version and let us know so we can configure everything correctly on our side.

To download, go to , choose the desired version and then let us know which channel etc.

Thank you very much James, how can we contact you directly if needs be ?

Hi Rekljavijk,

best way is via email - will send you a quick introduction mail!