LDAP Authentication

Good Afternoon.

I am trying to set up LDAP authentication against our Active Directory. I am not sure what I am doing wrong but I keep getting:

Connection Failed. Conflict 4 Searching for ‘mb-pbx’ failed (LDAP Result: )

I have checked and made sure the search base and the distinguished data matched on my user. My user is in the AD controller. If I alter the host information, via ldap or ldaps, I get connection failed to server.

Is there an example of LDAP authentication configuration for Moby Dick somewhere that I can use as a guide? I feel like I’m missing something, but I can’t figure out what it is. I have even added the Proxy user and password (using the made account and my personal one) to no avail. I get similar failed connection for proxy user error.

Also, do I need to remove the slave to make changes to that Authentication configuration? I did remove to add the authentication, but adjusting the changes, I did not remove my slave from the cluster. Just making sure.

After a lot of fighting and another set of eyes, I finally got the Authentication configured. I would like to point out that LDAP proxy user is the DN not the CN. I kept inputting the CN value, since that is the example given. So for future help if others may have issues, here is my configuration:

LDAP authentication enabled * YES

LDAP host * ldap://dc.domain.com:389
LDAP username field * sAMAccountName
LDAP proxy user moby dick (this is my DN)
LDAP proxy password *************

Also I had to put the OU as capitals rather than lower case. This could be more an Active Directory issue than mobydick and ldap. So, I am wondering if this may be a translation issue from the German? Just a thought!

are you able to use ldaps?
For me it only works with the ldap connection.

I did figure out the LDAP configuration. See my previous post with my notes. I figured there was a bit of translation error to English. So, my notes are in my previous post about it! I posted it to help someone else if they had similar issues.