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Good Morning,

I have a relatively strange issue with users Pascom desktop client.

The situation is the user is currently working from home and we have an on-premise Pascom device.

currently, only one user is affected by this heavily but when they receive an incoming call over the Pascom desktop client there is no audio, they cannot hear me and I cannot hear them, I have checked the user’s settings and they are perfectly fine, as they can place outgoing calls and receive and transmit audio.

Is there something specific I need to configure in the application or the Pascom device or is this down to the user’s internet connection?

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Hi Kieran,

firstly welcome to the forum and secondly apologies that no-one has replied sooner.

May I just ask if the problem still persists? If so, it would be great if you could send over all the information per private message to me so I can investigate with the dev team to see what the issue could be.

Within the desktop app settings menu, if the user scrolls to the bottom and clicks on “Show Advanced Settings”, they can enable the debug mode and then download the client logs and support file after an affected call. This will help us see what’s going on in the client.

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James Barton
pascom Marketing Manager

Good Morning James,

Yes this is still a persistent problem, but I’m not the support engi on that case anymore, I would be willing to pass across the email address of the engineer who is now assigned the case.

Hi Kieran,

Apologies that the issue is still on going, but yes it would be great if you could pass on the contact info via PM so we can get this sorted.

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Hello James,

How can I PM you the information ?

Hi @KForrest,
you can click on the picture of James, this will open a new menu with a blue message button.

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