Find reason for endpoint Doorbell rejection / setting up a Generic SIP Endpoint

We are trying to add an unsupported door (Elcom LBM-300) to Pascom. We have it configured according to the Generic Doorbell instructions and we can see in our logs that it successfully leaves its office home and heads towards

However, the little signal gets lost somewhere along the way and we aren’t sure where. We have been monitoring the Asterisk debug logs, but it doesn’t seem like anything that appears is related to the door.

Are there any particular Asterisk commands or similar tools we could use to find out what’s the issue (e.g. authentication, SIP-related settings, TCP/TLS/other-related) or if there have been any messages coming from this IP address / towards this specific endpoint?

We have yet to try setting this up as a Generic SIP Endpoint. Are there any recommendations / guides on how this would work with a door module? Would we set up a team and add the receptionist phone (that the doorbell should call)?
If there are any examples of endpoint configuration templates that we could get acquianted with, they’d be greatly appreciated.

IMHO Elcom does not support TLS or TLS1.2,
so you have to connect the door via a gateway like a Fritz!Box.

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I see, thank you. We did send an email to Elcom, but haven’t heard back; hence why we were hoping Asterisk would tell us what’s the issue. =(

Will look into our options here!

We are using fanvil doorphones, they work fine and are not expensive.
Sometimes our techdepartment refits them into old Siedle or Ritto doorpanels.