Feature Request - Improving Action URL in Desktop Client

1. As a User I would like to start the Action URL on the Client with just one click
Right now there are totaly 2 Clicks I have to do (Just tested on Windows 10)
1 Click → Hide Windows 10 Notification Info → And then Start Action…

Doku Actions on Desktop Client

How could this be done: Add A Action Button on like this on the windows 10 Notification Service:

2. As a User i would like to be able to be able to start action urls automatically when answering a call
Right now it is only possible to start action urls when the phone is ringing… This could be improved because a lot of times my phone may be ringing and i won’t take it.

Hello @fbaumann,

thank you for your suggestions. We’re already working on improving the Actions feature in the client, and enhancing the notifications will be part of it.

I can not yet give you an estimate when it will end up in a release, but it will be “soon”.