Desktop client updates are not transferred correctly from the server (MD-9943)


The desktop client shows the “A new version is available, please restart to install” toast. But after restarting the client, the old client version starts up.

Further hints

  • Affected OS: macOS, Windows (so far)
  • Within %APPDATA%\pascom Client the doupdate File is present, but no update to install
  • On the serverside, there are log messages like this within the logfiles in /var/log/xmpp/

2018.01.17 09:27:08 INFO [TaskEngine-pool-388]: net.pascom.ahab.server.xmppuser.XmppUserManager - Request available client updates
2018.01.17 09:27:09 INFO [TaskEngine-pool-388]: net.pascom.ahab.server.xmppuser.XmppUserManager - Push update event to desktop client [user@pascom/gVPw] for os [windows] target version [7.17.01.R]
2018.01.17 09:27:10 INFO [TaskEngine-pool-388]: net.pascom.ahab.server.FileTransferService - Streaming pascom-client-setup-7.17.01.R.exe (windows-7.17.01.R@update, 25061944 bytes) to user@pascom/gVPw
2018.01.17 09:27:17 ERROR [TaskEngine-pool-388]: net.pascom.ahab.server.FileTransferService - item-not-found(404)

Reported first by @HExSM and confirmed by @MarkusSachs and @maik in this thread.

Known Workaround

Setting System Setting to true might help. Afterwards Apply > Restart xmpp server is necessary for the setting to take effect.


This degrades the performance of filetransfers.

Solved in 17.10, as this client uses a different way of transferring updates.