Cron Jobs

Good afternoon, Pascom Community.

I have another question. I am trying to build a cron job to zip up recordings and voicemails and send that compressed backup to storage. Now, I wrote a little script. It isn’t very long and is basically straight to thet point of what i am trying to do. BUT I am getting error from Mobydick stating my script is too long. I am doing this through the Cronjob tab under appliance, as that is what I would suspect such a task to live and operate. My cron script is 5 lines long… Now I can probably just bypass mobydick and just put the cron job into the crontab, etc via the shell window instead. I have thought about it, but I thought i would actually use the functionality that Mobydick states it has, such as the Cron job portion within the application. So could someone please assist or enlighten me why my 5 line script for a backup cron job would say it’s too long? Please. Otherwise, I think I will just bypass mobydick on this particular task.


Hello Inxjenn,

the Problem here is a usability issue in mobydick, which we need to address soon:
The “Editor” field at the moment just takes a path to the Script to execute, not the script content itself - which it should actually do.

So you basically need to create a script in a Path like /etc/root/ (don’t forget to make it executable using chmod +x). Then you can input the path to the script into the mobydick cronjob either before or after a specific task is run. If necessary, you can use $1 to determine if the task was successful (=1) or not.

If you want to run only a script without executing a mobydick task at the same time, you need to insert an entry into the crontab yourself.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


I just want it to run and move the files to storage. I will just go that route in the shell script then! The script shouldn’t affect mobydick functionality. Thanks!