Cloudstack CSPS setup problems

Problem: Calls between mobydick clients softphone disconnect after 6 seconds
Calls between softphones and mobile disconnect after 6 seconds
Calles between SIP phones disconnect after 60 seconds
(no audio in any above examples)

Pascom Cloudstack Setup for Hosters (CSPS) setup

Software: 7.17.03.R
Installation type: Setup for Hosters (CSPS)

Did installation as per install instructions in Setup for Hosters web page with two proxies (private and dmz)

Server setup:

	   Tusterd proxy > private ip > ASA Firewall > (Natted) Public IP  (internet)

Cloudstack host >
Dmz proxy > private ip > ASA Firewall > (Natted) Public IP (internet)

SSL certificates: Let’s Encrypt for Trusted and dmz proxy


did you forward all the necessary ports from this list? If you have a audio problem, have another look at the UDP ports 30000-35000.
Be also sure that you configured “Proxy DNS Name (FQDN)” correctly. It is used as advertise address for all protocolls. In your scenario it needs to contain your public ip (Internet) OR a DNS Record for this Address.