Client tray icon translation sometimes doesn't work (MD-9742)

Affected OS: macOS, Windows

Description: Sometimes, if you click on the Tray Icon of the client, the Menu Entries are not translated. Sometimes the translation works after a certain amount of time, sometimes not.

Reported by @florian.schermer in this thread and by @HExSM here.

Shouldn’t this be fixed with version 17.01?

The release notes say “translations have been improved”, but unfortunately not if it is MD-9742. I still have the problem with the translations in 17.03.

Hi @HExSM,

no this Problem is not fixed yet. The section in the Release Notes refers to general spell checking and and translation improvements.

In general, if we fix a Bug that’s also tracked in the forum, we’ll post a statement, e. g. here.


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Hi @jlorenz

thank you for the explanation :slight_smile:

Solved in 42.R34.