Client sending +1 555 555 9898 as 00 1 555 555 9898

Cloudstack version 7.15.05 R
desktop-client version 17.05.R

SIP trunk provider sends and accepts calls in e164 with a +. When a user receives a call, that user desktop-client registers the call as +15555559898 in the call history. When a user tries to call back that caller by clicking this number in the call history, the outgoing number changes to 0015555559898 and it’s send out to the trunk. How and where do I change this behavior so that the outgoing number is +15555559898 in desktop client?

Hello @usiptech,

there are two things you should check:

  1. Appliance > Services > Telephony > Default Outgoing Trunk Prefix. You probably want that to be set to empty instead of 0
  2. Your trunk configuration, especially Base Configuration and Outgoing Rules. Probably something is reformatting your dialed number here…


Re: 1
If I understand correctly “Default Outgoing Trunk Prefix” is a number that the system/user has to dial in order to get “outside line” to dial number outside of Cloudstack system. In our case we have number “8” that the system/user has to enter in order to call the number on pstn.

If I remove any number that we have there and leave it empty and when I click “Callback” (+15555559898) on the phone number in “Call History” the result I’m getting is: System call (001555555989) and playback: “I’m sorry, that is not valid extension…”

Re: 2
Base configuration:
Prefix for incoming number: 8
International code: 011
Country code: 1
Area code: 555

Outgoing Calls tab:
In-Prefix: 8
Source: *
Destination: *
CIDNumber: +15555559898
Out-Prefix: none
Out-Suffix: none

There is no 00 anywhere in the trunk configuration.

But still when I press “Callback” (+15555559898) in “Call History” I’m still getting 0015555559898


Okay, so the problem only happens when you using the callback functionality within the Call History?

It does not happen if you just type the number into the dialpad and dial it?


SIP Trunk provider requires the following:

Origination: Incoming calls to CSP are always in E.164-formated number (eg. +15555559898)
Termination: Outgoing calls from CSP should be E.164-formated. (11 number format is allowed for now)

So, in pascom Client Call History, any incoming number from “outside” is in E.164 format (+15555559898), thus if one clicks on “Callback” in the Call History the +15555559898 changes to 0015555559898 and the outgoing call fails.

It looks like this happens to any E.164 formatted number. If one enters +15555559898 into the dialpad and dials it, the Call History shows failed call as 0015555559898. If one dials 11 digit number (15555559898) the call goes through.

(E.164-formated calling will be required in about a month from this SIP trunk provider. So any number dialed that is not E.164 number will be rejected with a SIP 400 Bad Request response)