Changes to Android Push - Reliable "Wake Up" For Calls

It has been reported to us that there is sometimes a delay when “waking up” Android phones for incoming calls.

In the past, we sent all Android Pushes including Chat messages with High Priority. Google then checks whether these messages have been “read” by the user. If not, then Google believes that the messages are not so important to the user and deprioritises all pushes for a period of time, including calls.

Therefore, with pascom server version 19.06 onwards, we now only send calls with using the High Priority. This has the following affects:

Chat messages with normal priority will be immediately delivered when the pascom App is active in the foreground. If the device is in standby mode, then the delivery could be delayed in order to minimise battery usage.

Calls will therefore always be immediately delivered and never reprioritised by Google.

For more details please see: