Bonding Ports in MobyDick

Has anyone tried bonding ports with Mobydick yet? I am thinking of trying it. I have inquired with support about such a configuration. I have lack of failover currently with any failure on a NIC port, which is a little annoying. So, one solution that we thought of might be to bond ports, creating a logical port configuration with two of my network ports. This is mainly a concern for my management, as when I lose my ETH0 (management port), I lose access to my cluster, BUT i do maintain voice functionality on the phones. This lack of accessing the cluster to fix something, is rather concerning.

This is like LACP or Etherchannels (cisco) type of configuration but server side. I know Linux can bond ports and have a logical port. I was just wondering if anyone has attempted this on their VoIP system, especially MobyDick. If you haven’t but have an idea bout it, please share! If you have tried it, what were your results?? I’d love to know! :smiley: