Autoprovisioning or not?

I’ve read multiple pages of pascom to provisioing my snom d735 devives.
I one docuemnent it was mention to enaable optio 66 on the dhcp server.

So I put http://[pascom_Server]:8880/p/[phonesystemname]/{mac} into option 66 and replaced pascom_server and phonesystemname with the right values.

But on other page I saw that we have to enter the provisioning url manually into the snom phones?

I don’t know where I can change the admin password for the snom.
I see that we can setup the http user en http password.

When I click on reboot device, we get the error that the devices isn’t found.

Someone that can help me?


Hi rniesen,

welcom to this forum. Is your Appliance onSite or a Cloud System ?

greetings Maik


I used the iso to install it on prem as virtual machine.

Hi, miesen,

have you local set dhcp provisioning set to allow on the network interface ?

greetings Maik


Yes Allow local DHCP Provisioning is enabled.

So what should I put into option 66 on my dhcp server?

How to setup:
http server login and pwd (I think on the devices)
admin user and password
http client user and password (used by provisioning)

I’m still stuck with the provisioning.

I followed agian the docs:

When I add a snom device and reboot the snom I get the message
not registered 9pnhVTe2Na37ed9

The 9pnhVTe2Na37ed9 is the device login from the new snom device.


I found the issue.

  1. the pbx host name was not registered at dns level
  2. the certifacte from the pascom pbx was not trusted

Added hostname to dns and went into the snom phone and trusted cert and reboot.

Hello @rniesen

Great, I’m glad you’ve found the solution.

Happy testing and feel free to post here in the forum, should you have any further questions.