A few questions about Flexpanel

Hi all,

i’m trying to create a (default) flexpanel to use in all my locations,

Most features seem to work. But i’s missing / not seeing some options,

  • is it possible to show how long someone is waiting. and the longest waiting time.
  • is it possible to count how many callers disconnected from the queue (team)
  • the WaitingCounterWidget works, but i cannot change the colors. ( green for 0, for instance)
  • the StatisticWidget doesn’t change height or width when told to do so. i.e. StatisticWidget StatisticWidget = new StatisticWidget(“assistente”,true,true,200,200); so ist now a litte bit longer.
  • is there any way to change the language of the StatisticWidget because i’m bound to the language of my client and that doesn’t have Dutch in it. (not that important for now)

i’m now using client 7.16.00.R on a pascom 16 PBX

thanks in advance

Hi Pieter,

No, it’s not possible with standard widgets

Unfortunately, that’s also not possible without writing server plugin script

You can try with this one:

.waitingcounterwidget_normalAlertLevel {
  -fx-fill: green;
.waitingcounterwidget_firstAlertLevel {
  -fx-fill: blue;
.waitingcounterwidget_secondAlertLevel {
  -fx-fill: red;

Minimal size is 320x320

You can start a client with argument -J-DlocalizationEnabled=true, open settings/localization. You can export all localisations and modify .xls file by adding new column (please don’t change another columns). After that you can import .xls document back and client should restart. In the Settings/Client/Language you will have a new option. Keep in mind that this solution will work on the single working station and will be lost on next recreation of user dir.

Kind regards,

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the long reply,
I’ts been very helpful,
I thought there was an option to create my own Widgets, but i cannot seem to find it anymore. i thought i saw it in a blog post but some links are broken.
but maybe i’m totally wrong.

Thanks again,