7.09 Release Notes - Video Telephony, SIP Provider Database, Template Wizard & more

MobyDick 7.08 - Out of the Box Telephony with the MobyDick Softphone

Dear Community members,

we are pleased to inform you that the latest version of mobydick is now available.

MobyDick 7.09 - mobydick Video Telephony, Integrated SIP provider database, plus much more

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NEW mobydick Video Telephony

With today’s 7.09 Release, mobydick has gained a powerful Unified Communications & Collaboration tool, for those occasions when words are just not enough and you need to see it to believe and understand. With mobydick 7.9, pascom have implemented and fully integrated a jitsi video bridge, which delivers the perfect platform for User to User video communication, plus allowing further developments in the field of video telephony in the future. The beauty of the mobydick video solution, is that you can start a video call regardless of which device you are using and no matter where you are, so long as you have access to you mobydick desktop client.


Simplifying Trunking

As the VoIP world migrates faster and faster towards SIP technology, we have undertaken a complete overhaul of our Trunk creation menu, which has resulted in the creation of mobydick’s fully integrated SIP provider database as well as implementing a brand new Trunk Template Wizard. Both enabling mobydick users to quickly, and efficiently to choose the appropriate template for their provider without having to add, configure or edit any settings other that their account specific variable data. The database is being continuously updated, however should your provider not be listed, the option to manually configure your trunk still exists, with the added option of being able to export and import your configurations in order to share them with other users or as a backup for the future.


mypascom Customer Portal & Marketplace

With mobydick 7.09, a whole host of changes have been implemented to enable mobydick customers and partners manage and maintain their mobydick systems. Firstly, the introduction of the marketplace will enable admins to manage, buy and update their mobydick licences by providing a self service platform from which they can completely manage their appliances and licences.


Platform Stability

In addition to the marketplace, we have also introduced a new upgrade channel to deliver the latest mobydick innovations in the form of a Current release and a Stable release. This has been implemented in order to improve platform stability, as have numerous other modifications such as a newly developed update process. This process has been designed to increase system stability by automatically regenerating a significant proportion of the system configurations as well as restarting system services which will improve overall system consistency.

Plus Much More

We’ve been working hard on improving mobydick’s user experience. That is why with mobydick 7.9, we have made a few changes, such as improved popup notification windows with increased functionality. Normal everyday mobydick users work with more than one application at a time, whether it be a web browser or CRM system, meaning mobydick is in the background somewhere, which is why now when these users are on the phone a new movable popup window will appear whenever mobydick is not their active window. What’s more, the window includes improved and greater functionality, meaning users can start video calls, recordings, place the call on hold and even complete unattended transfers right from the popup window.

Another User Experience related feature that has been implemented relates to languages. It is now possible to set the preferred language when adding a user, which will impact not only the language of their client but also for example, voicemail to email notifications as well as the menu options when calling their voicemail inbox. Above and beyond this, client users will be able to switch between languages should they choose to, and within the commander, the process for adding languages to the prompt system has simultaneously been greatly enhanced and simplified saving time and increasing User Experience for both system users and external callers alike.

Further Modifications

md-cmd 7.09.00

  • Users can now be added to include their preferred language, During the migration process, all users will have the language set to the system default.
  • Improved workflows and more templates for adding trunks.
  • Added SIPGate Team Account Trunk template
  • Added 1und1 Trunk template
  • Added Telekom IP Telefonie Trunk template
  • Added Easybell Trunk template
  • Added Provider Deutsche Telefon Trunk template
  • Trunk configurations incl. associated rules can now be imported and exported
  • The chat archive can now be adjusted as well as being completely switched off via cronjob
  • Simplified sign in and pausing in multiple queues via system extension number
  • New REST request in order to collect team live data

md-xmppd 2.06.00

  • Jitsi Videobridge integrated, which is also monitored by icinga
  • Now uses Java Runtime (JRE) 8


md-xmppserver 2.08.00**

  • Video Support for the mobydick Client
  • The chat archive can now be adjusted as well as being completely switched off via cronjob
  • Team statistics now react correctly to logged on agents, who currently do not have an available telephone
  • Pickup notifications for team members can now be configured in greater detail


md-client 3.04.00**

  • Now uses Java Runtime (JRE) 8
  • Video between Clients independent of the end user devices being used
  • Improved Outlook integration, meaning one can search through more contact folders
  • The agents tab within a team now also display phone status for the corresponding agents. The information must be manually refreshed
  • The call notification window is now displayed for the duration of a call and now has increased functionality
  • Users can now select their language directly from within the client

ex-mobydick 2.08.00**

  • acpid integrated
  • JRE 8 integrated

The complete release notes can be found under: https://www.pascom.net/doc-old/en/release-notes/release-7.09/#release-07-09-00


Hey Guys,

when updating from previous versions to mobydick 7.09.00, a problem may be encountered, whereby the currently integrated packets within the commander (see release notes) may not be correctly deleted. These will then appear within the updater marked with a red X and in the version information with a “iF”, and the services monitor will also register erroneous packets.

This can be resolved using the following commands:

  1. log into the mobydick via ssh
  2. ensure you are the root user (see here)


aptitude  -y install md-jasperreports=1.05.00.R; aptitude -y install md-aastra-data md-yealink-data md-snom-data md-cmd md-prompt-en md-prompt-de md-xmppd md-xmppserver md-client; exdjob.pl tsk050399

Thereafter, it may take a few minutes until the system configuration has been completely refreshed and the packet status within the service monitor turns “green” again.

All the best,

Hey Guys,

The problem seems to have been resolved and you should no longer require the above work around. You should now be able to carry out the update without problems.

All the best

your pascom team