(Windows) Notifications are not displayed, Tray Menu is displayed in an incorrect location (MD-9244)


No notification is shown on the screen, and the Tray Icon Menu may be offset in the far corner of the screen, instead of being displayed nearby the tray icon.


This bug can happen if the system uses more than one Monitor, and each of the monitors has a different scaling factor.


If both displays are set to the same scaling factor, the problem does not appear.

Reported by @ITB-Solutions here.

That’s not true. Both of my Displays are at 100% and it happens too.

Ok. This leads me to a few more questions

  • Which operating system? Windows 7? Windows?
  • Same or different resolution on the displays?
  • Which one is the main one? Left or right?
  • Is the client running on the display defined as main display?


Hello Jan,

my PC has Win10 with two Displays (1920x1080 at 100% each).

The left one is the Main Display and the Menu of the Tray Icon doesn’t care if i use the Client on Main or Secondary Display.
When starting the Client it shows on Primary (Left) Display first.

Furthermore i think the Tray Menu should only have two Options: Show Window and Quit.
I don’t need Dial, Search and the other thing because these aren’t doing something special. I can’t change the status in the Tray Menu, it only opens the Options in the Client.

The new 17.03 BETA has improved code for the tray icon on Windows - this should fix at least the tray-part of this bug.