Setup without OS


  • We have active licenses but we would like to know if these licenses works with all Mobydick 7x versions ?
  • Is there any version of mobydick setup without OS for example something .deb or .rpm? We got the ISO file but it comes with its OS and it is hard to find any cheap online or cloud hosting for that.
  • Or maybe can we install mobydick ISO file in our server (hardware) ? Will it work with current active licenses that we have ?

These may be dumb questions but we are new in this system and we would like to get some information before starting.

Hello and welcome to the forum!

to your questions:

  1. Yes, you can use your licenses with any mobydick / pascom version we currently support
  2. No, an installation of this type is neither supported nor recommended. If you want to host it online and not in your own environment, you can either rent a cloudstack instance from one of our partners, or contact sales to get your own cloudstack. For more details, please go to:
  3. Yes, if the hardware is supported by a standard debian 7 system, it should work. We also support installations on top of various hypervisors like VmWare or Microsoft HyperV.

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Thank you very much for your quick answers, can you please name one or two of your partners where we can rent a cloudstack , we would like to see their offers and prices.

For an overview of our partners, please have a look at this page:


Thank you , that’s clear enough :slight_smile: