Originate call once but call continues with one by one on list of numbers

I have 4 numbers which are in folder (let say testFolder).(See customers name along with their number below)
Customer Name Phone Number
John 11111111111
Nic 2222222222
Mathew 3333333333
Sara 4444444444

Now i will start calling on testFolder. It will ring on my extension (extension is configured on x-lite) first and after picking the call from my x-lite, call will go to the John. Now as soon as John hangs up the call, my x-lite is also disconnect. And next call is again originating from my x-lite i.e x-lite is again ring and after picking the call, call will go to Nic’s phone number.
Here I want that once the call originates from my x-lite, call will never hangup until i am not disconnecting the call from my end and if John hangs up the call, next call for Nic will automatically ring without disconnecting my x-lite.
In summary, is it possible without disconnecting x-lite after first call and next call should go automatically?