More Configurability of the M700 and M65 DECT System

I don’t know if this is realy the right place for feature requests but in case it is, I am hoping that one day Mobydick might provide an interface for entering specific settings for the M700 and attached DECT phones. Right now, in version 7.11.05, there is only the basic configuration options available. Of specific interest is the LDAP filter. On the DECT phones, the phone book displays the lastname and firstname rather than taking the “display name” field, which is often prefered (and is actually the point of “display name” I suspect) and would be consistent with what is shown on the desktop phones.

Anyhow, just my 2 cents. :cool:


Hello Aaron,

actually, such a Feature is already planned. With mobydick 7.13, we will upgrade the “Base configuration”-Editor of mobydick substantially, so that all phones (Snom, Aastra, Yealink) use the same, template based Approach like Auerswald phones do. If time allows it, we will do this also for snom M700 in 7.13.00. If not, we will deliver this feature as soon as possible.


Awesome! I look forward to it!