Mobydick 7.11 - Supercharge your Contact Center

mobydick 7.11 Release – Contact Centers Recharged

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Skill Based Routing

The latest mobydick 7.11 release brings with it a whole host of innovative functionality designed to promote teamwork and significantly improve automatic call distribution (ACD) within ContactCenter environments. Skill Based Routing provides call / contact center operators with the ability to distribute incoming calls to agents according to their ability to meet the needs of the caller, i.e. to the agents that best fulfil the required skill set. For example, should a incoming caller require a certain combination of language and product knowledge skills, only agents who have those skills assigned to them will receive this call.

In other words, should an agent speak English and Spanish as well as having a very good knowledge of products A and B, they will only receive calls related to those products and only from callers who selected either English or Spanish and they will never receive a call from a French speaking caller who is interested in any product (A, B, C or D). This has the benefit of drastically improving call distribution efficiencies which in turn will help boost overall ContactCenter performance whilst simultaneously promoting customer service.

** Labels
Labels can be used to mark a call with caller specific information which can then be displayed within the mobydick client before the call is answered, providing ContactCenter agents with all the necessary customer information they require in order to ensure that they offer the best level of customer service such as caller language, which product they are interested in as well as their customer number (should they already be a customer). Of course these labels are not limited to just the above information, they can also be adapted to suit the needs of the ContactCenter.

Advanced Queuemetrics Integration**

Over the last couple of releases, we have significantly expanded and improved the level of integration between mobydick and QueueMetrics. With the release of mobydick 7.11 we have taken the integration to yet another level. Agents, Queues and skills will now automatically and completely synchronised and the required skills as requested by a caller will now also be transmitted to QueueMetrics and can therefore also be reproduced in QueueMetrics for reporting purposes. Moreover, it is now also possible to authenticate a QueueMetrics user against the mobydick phone system.

New Prompts System

For mobydick 7.11 we have also completely reworked the prompts system. Thanks to a HTML5 player, it is now possible to playback any prompt directly from within the mobydick Commander (web UI). Moreover, standard prompts and custom prompts are now separated from one another and custom prompts can also be exported and imported as archives. In addition to this, all prompts will also be included in database backups and can be completely restored by restoring a database backup.

New Languages in the mobydick Client**

Alongside the already available languages English and German, the mobydick client is now also available in Spanish, Arabic and Serbian thanks to our partners and in country staff. We are also working on a system to simplify adding languages which in turn will offer an enhanced user experience to end users no matter where they are.

Further Modifications**

md-cmd 7.11.00

  • The agent routing within a Queue can now be managed using a form of script.
  • New object: Call Router. This can be integrated in order to make decisions based on actions within the call flow.
  • Queue Timeout and Queue Priority can now be dynamically set per call using Call Labels.
  • Implemented freely definable action conditions.
  • New actions type “Inline Script” for individual dialplan functions.
  • Call Waiting Feature can now be activated per user.
  • Telephone menus and user interfaces will now be displayed in English (or German) depending on the preferred user language.

md-xmppserver 2.10.00

  • Agent holding times will now be also communicated to QueueMetrics
  • API: labels which have been set are now also contained within the xmpp base.ChannelEvent.
  • API: it is now possible to simultaneously login/log out/pause yourself in multiple queues.
  • API: Asterisk DB Values in the Key Chain /API can now be set and requested per REST, XMPP and FlexPanel.
  • API: xmppuser.UserInfo now also contains the set skills of logged on users.
  • Fixed the problem with the telephone display after an Asterisk reload/restart.
  • Fixed the issue with Queue Counters during high loads.

md-xmppserver 2.09.00

  • Modified telephone book structure and new LDAP build process.
  • Improved start up behaviour of the XMPP-Server.

md-client 3.06.00

  • Call Labels and their values will now be displayed during an active, ongoing call.
  • Windows Client can now be installed in the same directory for multiple users. “Terminal Server Mode”
  • On Windows workstations the graphical popups notifications no longer steal the “Active Window” focus from other applications
  • New Flexpanel Widget for changing/monitoring an Asterisk DB value using a button
  • New Flexpanel Widget for setting/monitoring an Asterisk DB value using a sliding scale (Slider)

For the full release notes, please refer to our Wiki site:


my current version is 7.10, buti cannot upgrade to 7.11. why?
i tried with offline update but no luck.

Hi Emina,

Please perform an online update and the update should work.

Moreover, please reply here once you have done the update and let us know whether it was successful.

All the best,

after support team help, i manage to do upgrade.
There was a bug and they just delete some content from backup folder.


Hi Emina,

That is good news, glad the support team was able to help you out.