Device delays are overwritten, back to default

I’ve found a little misbehaviour in the desktop and mobile client. When you adjust the delay times of your connected phones, it will be saved. Also when you choose disconnect. But when you really shut down the application (close from system tray). The settings are falling back to default and everything is zero again.

The same things happens with the BETA client on iOS (I have no info about Android). When you put the app in the background there is no issue, and the delay settings remain active. But when you reboot you phone, all the delay settings are falling back to zero.

Hello @bertram,

Thank you for your feedback! This is a known bug, but the fix didn’t make it in time to be included within the upcoming 17.03 release. We will deliver a fix with 17.04.

It also should affect the UI only, the actual delay values should be correctly stored on the server.