Caller ID ( different caller ID by Country)

Hello everyone ,

I was wondering if there is possible to put outbound caller ID different by country , For example : If we make an outbound call to Italy to show Italian number, or if we make a call to Germany to put as a caller ID a German number .

If yes can anyone guide me thru how to do it, if NO thank you in advance.

Thank You.

Hi dalf0day,

Yes it is possible - in fact there are a few options that you can use. First you will need to go to the Gateways > Trunks menu.

  1. Select the trunk you wish to edit and you will then be able set multiple outbound rules per trunk under the “outbound” configs. mobydick uses “best match” to select the correct rule. So within the trunk’s outbound call settings you can edit the destination to match your required country’s international dialling code and then change the callerID for that rule.

To add a new rule, simply use the “Add” button.

  1. you can do as above, and depending on your mobydick version you will have a “show in client” option. When this is selected to “yes”, you will need to change the “In-prefix” for each rule to e.g. *1, *2 etc. Then you users will be able to manually select the trunk rule from the client.

  2. As with 2, but instead of setting different outbound rules on one trunk, you can integrate providers for each target country and then by using a different “In-prefix” per trunk, your users will also be able to select the trunk per country as required. This could also be the most cost effective solution as country specific providers tend to have better rates and will also give you an inbound option as well.

Thank you James ,

I will try and get back to you with the result.
Thank you again for your fast replay .

All the best.